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Sweetheart's Treats

Sweetheart's Treats

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Sweet Surprise:
When Amelia arrives at work, she doesn’t expect anyone but the owner of Sweetheart’s Treats Bakery to be there. However, the sexy man in the kitchen is definitely not Carly. As the daughter of the sheriff, I call the cops like I’ve been trained to do. Running would be another, especially when she’s spotted. Oops, frozen in place, she’s caught.

Blake is trying to figure out how to hold down the fort until his little sister gets better. She’s been hit with the flu and he wants to help. What he never planned for is to be immediately taken by his sister’s employee. Unfortunately, nothing worth having comes easily. And Blake knows Amelia is worth everything.

Cupid’s arrow seems to live inside Sweetheart’s Treats Bakery.

Doctor's Orders, Sweetheart:
Carly: Have you ever met someone you want to kick in the shins and kiss at the same time? Well, Carter James is that kind of guy for me. He’s a hot pediatric doctor with a heart of gold for his patients and insanely tempting eye candy for the moms trolling the children’s ward. He’s cocky and treats me like one of the children.

Carter: Have you ever met the one for you, but they think you’re a total jerk? Carly Reynolds is that kind of woman for me. She’s a hot volunteer that drives me crazy. I want her in every way, so much so I can’t stop looking out for her well-being. She’s going to push me over the edge one day and I’m going to claim what I’ve wanted for six months—her.

Sweet Surrender:
Derek: Being a single dad has never been easy, but I’ve never regretted my decision to keep my daughter and raise her alone. I regret how it happened, but never her. Now that she’s grown, maybe I should start looking for the one who will make me happy. The one problem is, I’ve already found her, but she’s way too young for me. I want her to the point of madness. I want to love her and make a family with her, but instead, I’ll keep watching her from a short distance.

Tracy: Why does he do this to me? He’s a hardheaded jerk, but I can’t let my feelings for the sheriff go. He’s always around, but I guess living in a small town it’s only natural. I wish that he wouldn’t though because my heart can’t take this. Leaving town may be my best bet, but I don’t think I have it in me to leave. Something has to give.

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