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Stolen Dove

Stolen Dove

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I’ll never be him. I tell myself that repeatedly as I positioned myself to take his place. Year by year, I’ve grown more ruthless, but I would still never treat women like he did. Then she had to just show up, a diamond teardrop pendant on her neck, drawing attention to herself, causing me to take notice. I refuse to degrade myself by paying for her. My anger grows when I know that I don’t have a choice.

Buy her or lose her. Then she gives me a look, tempting me to take her. And I do…

I’m his wife now…he hates me. I’m his property, and yet I can’t force myself to stop giving my heart and body to him. Night after night, I cling to the hope it’s more than just a need for an heir, but morning after morning, my hopes are dashed. I’ve had enough. No one defies him, but I will…

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