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Ruthless Prince

Ruthless Prince

SKU: 1023

Third book in the Bratva Royalty Series. 


We grew up together. Our parents are family friends and her father is my godfather. She wasn’t meant to be mine. Too young, too untouchable, but it didn’t matter because for so long I knew it was etched in my blood that Natalya was mine. It might be forbidden for now, but soon the wait will be over. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way, and fools are willing to play dangerous games to keep her from me.

I fell in love with a man who thought of me as a child, then I tried to seduce him, so he sent me off with a warning to not mess with a dangerous man because next time, he’d teach me a lesson I soon wouldn’t forget. Unfortunately, he had no idea that I wanted him so much that I wanted that lesson. Family friend or not, I wanted Ilya in ways that he didn’t understand. My heart ached when he went away, leaving me with only a promise to return in a year, but he broke it along with my heart.

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