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My last assignment.

The one I didn't want and my family begged me not to take, but I had to do what I could to make our town, our state, our country a little safer.
I had no idea that I'd walked into a trap set up by some of the deadliest men in the world.
My vision had gone black as I faced the end of my life.
All the regrets, all the love I'd miss out on.
I sent up a prayer and made my peace with my fate. I hoped my friends would seek retribution and care for my siblings.
My eyes open, and everything has changed. Was it all a cruel dream, or am I in heaven? Either way, I want my angel to stay with me throughout eternity.

Now I was back from the dead and out for revenge. Those who tried to bury me in the depths had best watch out because a Ghost was coming for them

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