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I spotted her lurking around my ranch with curious eyes, beautiful whiskey-colored eyes. I couldn’t just let her go around being too nosy without making introductions. Her lie doesn’t fool me for a second, but she tries hard, and unfortunately for her, I’m going to test the strength of her little fib. After all, the town has had enough trouble for a lifetime, and I have to stay on my guard, so that’s the ruse I’ll play with. I’ll do whatever it takes to wrangle that Angel.

Sneaking onto the ranch had been easy, or so I believed, but I’d been caught out instantly. From the tip of his hat down to his boots, the hottest cowboy I’d ever seen had trapped me in a massive lie. I’d never been so flustered, and now I had only two options let the cat out of the bag or run.

Can this cowboy rustle up his beauty before she escapes his clutches?

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